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About Me

I started to work for a SME, located in a dynamic industrial park in south of France (Close to Marseille). I took advantage of this vitality to lead many innovative projects oriented towards modern technologies such as identification and mobility. Then, for five years I worked for a major French player in the technical inspection sector.

I had the chance to develop and enhance my skills : Sense of autonomy, excellent relationship, customer focus, synthesis capability. Work and adaptation capability.

I am a French native speaker.


IT Aeronautic MRO/CAMO Engineer

Since October 2016
  • Devellop and improve a software leading to ease aircraft maintenance operations (MRO/CAMO)

IT Manager & Member Executive Committee

October 2011 to May 2016
  • IT Manager
    - Managing a diversified team composed of computer programmers, network administrator, technicians, call centre staff.
    - Processes optimisation, ISO, costs reduction
    - Projects management : information network, new products/solutions, etc.
    - Creation, Sale and deployment IT solutions (soft/hard) over 340 affiliated compagnies.
  • Member executive commitee
    - Attendance at the executive and steering meeting
    - Participation in the overall business strategy
    - Privileged Interlocutor with French Department of transport and the company's IT Committee
  • Some Significant experiences / projects...
    - 2016 : Make the best use of the combination of our CRM and our ticketing tool (statistics/exports) to establish a prioritization schema : training needs, staff reinforcement, software improvements, etc.
    - 2016 : Improvement of our mailing strategy. As a result, a saving of 60000€ a year (-60%) while ensuring a better service to users.
    - 2015 : Deployment of Freshdesk (similar to Zendesk) to improve our call centre efficiency and customer satisfaction
    - 2015 : Policy "We call you back" to reduce wait time and in the meantime to improve our customer satisfaction.
    - 2015 : Launching of Android Tablets to renew our park and enable our users to work comfortably and efficiency (about 700 devices).
    - 2014 : Launching of our new Web site based on Joomla and including our new CRM.
    - 2014 : Launching of the "MinisiteA3S". A "private" website aimed at the promotion of each customer business.

Account Manager - Computer Engineer

Arcane PM
October 2003 to September 2011
  • Sales Activities.
    - Marketing, sales brochures, Sales campaign, E-mailing.
    - Public tender procedures, Subsidized Projects (Feder, Paca-Labs), Market researches, Quotations.
    - Commercial representation : Customers or prospective customers, Press.
  • Project Manager.
    - Project management for various type of industries
    - For research centers centres (microelectronic field).
    - For green economy ("Green business")
    - For the national education (Effectiveness of absenteeism management, access control).
  • Computer Engineer.
    - Hardware / software integration.
    - Software development
  • Some Significant Experiences / Projects
    - 2011 : IM2NP Laboratory (Campus St Jérôme Marseille) : Automated management tools and systems of processes for the elaboration of materials electrochemically.
    - 2011 : CEA LETI (Grenoble) : Automated management tools and systems of a TEL LPCVD Furnace.
    - 2011 : Ion Beam Service (Z.I. Rousset) : Conception of a simulator working Pulsion chamber.
    - 2010 : Cycléa (island of Réunion) : Computerization project of a sorting and recycling plant (3 months on-site)
    - 2009 : IM2NP Laboratory (Campus St Jérôme Marseille) : Automated management tools and systems of processes for a sputtering equipment.
    - 2007 : CEA LETI (Grenoble) : Automated management tools and systems of a Tempress LPCVD Furnace.

Internship at Airbus Industrie (Eurocopter)

Airbus Industrie Eurocopter
January 2003 to June 2003
  • Optimisation of maintenance processes for the lightweight helicopters range. Design of an mobile device for diagnosing the aircrafts on-board facilities.

Research Internship

July 2002 to August 2002
  • The research training done during my studies at Polytech’Marseille focused on BSP Method (Business System Planning) method.

Internship in Automation

April 2000 to June 2000
  • In IT/Automation department of Heineken. Contribute to the modernization of the caps dispenser (automation part).

Internship in Automation

March 1999 to June 1999
  • In IT/Automation department of Sanofi-Aventis. Updates and migration of range of programmable logic controllers (PLC Siemens)


Ingineering school POLYTECH’Marseille

Saint Jérôme (Marseille)
September 2001 to July 2003

Graduated from a school of Industrial and computer engineering, Polytech’Marseille. Training course focusing on team effort. Variety of projects with Airbus Company (Marignane).


  • Transports, Automotive Sector (Technical inspection, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Ecology)
  • Territorial Collectivities.
  • Education : Institutions, Faculties, Academic and University community.
  • Public and Private Research / Micro-Electronics Industry (CEA, Cadarache, ST Micro, Atmel)
  • Ecology / Sustainable Development : Sorting Plan, Green Business.
  • Former Member executive commitee for A3S-Autosecuritas
  • Management, Recruitment / Staff ressources.
  • Commercial Process, Marketing, Public Tender
  • Computer Langages : Windev (expert), Java, PHP...
  • Databases : HFCS, Oracle, MySQL...
  • OS : Windows, linux (basic concepts)
  • PLC : Siemens, Schneider, Phoenix Contact, OPC..
  • Communication : TCP, Sockets, RS232/485, USB, Wifi, 3G, OPC
  • Mobility : Smartphone, PocketPC, 3G. Windows-mobile & Android, IPhone
  • Identification : RFID (mifare), Barcode (2D/3D), etc.
  • Projects for research centers (CEA, University...)
  • Electronic Designs (Sorting centers and Access control)
  • Fluent in English
  • 6 months spent in Ireland (2016)
  • 2 Months in Wales (UK) (Internship in a university)
  • 2 Months with a host family in Ohio (USA)
  • Relational confort, IT Network, Team effort, Customer focus. Speaker, Trainer.
  • Good writing skills
  • Hight Autonomy, well-organized and methodic


  • Professional and Scientific Press
  • Fantastic and science fiction books


  • Solar system design
  • Reef aquarium automation